Nicolas Vayatis - Publications (by topic)

Signal processing


C. Truong, L. Oudre, N. Vayatis.
Supervised kernel change point detection with partial annotations.
ICASSP 2019, Accepted, 2019.

Thomas Moreau, Laurent Oudre, Nicolas Vayatis.
DICOD: Distributed Convolutional Coordinate Descent for Convolutional Sparse Coding.
Proceedings of ICML'18, 2018.

C. Truong, L. Oudre, N. Vayatis.
A review of change point detection methods.
Submitted, 2018.

L. Oudre, R. Barrois-Müller, T. Moreau, C. Truong, A. Vienne-Jumeau, D. Ricard, N. Vayatis, P.-P. Vidal.
Template-based  Step Detection with Inertial Measurement Units.
Sensors, 18, 4033, 2018.

Ludovic Minvielle, Mounir Atiq, Renan Serra, Mathilde Mougeot, Nicolas Vayatis.
Fall detection using smart floor sensor and supervised learning.
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE
, 2017.

C. Truong, L. Oudre and N. Vayatis.
Penalty Learning for Changepoint Detection.
In Proceedings of the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 1614-1618, 2017.

Thomas Moreau, Laurent Oudre, Nicolas Vayatis.
Distributed Convolutional Sparse Coding via Message Passing Interface.
NIPS workshop “
Nonparametric Methods for Large Scale Representation Learning”, NIPS'15, 2015.

Thomas Moreau , Laurent Oudre , Nicolas Vayatis.
Groupement automatique pour l'analyse du spectre singulier.
Colloque du GRETSI, 2015.

Charles Truong , Laurent Oudre , Nicolas Vayatis.
Segmentation de signaux physiologiques par optimisation globale.
Colloque du GRETSI, 2015.